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My Magic 8 Ball Predictions for 2017

The way I see it many farmers just struggle with the resources and knowledge needed to lift their environmental, and thereby their commercial game. It’s just a small number who are letting their team down and doing irreparable damage to the reputation of farming in general. It is these few who need to feel the heavy hand of regulation and enforcement. I have an honest belief that with the right support the rest will come on board. And as a community we need to willing offer our support regardless of if we are townies or not. Because unless we get the farmers on board then our environmental problems will never go away. Continue reading

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Napier City Council – Verbal Submission on 2015 LTP

In WWI and WWII there were hundreds of divisions fighting on behalf of the allies. New Zealand contributed 1 in both wars. 1 out of hundreds. Was our contribution worthless because it was so small? I think not. Both times our division excelled and are still spoken of as being one of the best, not only by our allies, but by our enemies. If we were prepared to make a minor contribution to the numbers in war, why do we find it so difficult to do so in peace? To do nothing is to surrender. I don’t think the citizens of Napier want you to surrender. I think the citizens of Napier want you to fight. Continue reading

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