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Wetlands part of solution of nutrients in waterways

However I am at a loss for words to read that he describes, and dismisses the original wetlands as merely a swamp. I get that the thinking of 30 years ago was not as enlightened as it is today so I forgive Mr Alexander for starting down the path that he chose. Continue reading

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Nats need to change first – Insite Magazine

In reality though I believe that the Nats have to prove themselves first before the Greens would be willing to put the coalition at risk, or even risk going into government with them. But here’s a start. Maybe it’s time every party in parliament took seriously Chlöe Swarbrick‘s call to do politics differently. Continue reading

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Is Neo-Liberalism Dead? – Insite Magazine

Today I think people are beginning to ask has Rogernomics worked. Asking if it time to consider another way to manage the economy. Personally I always thought that the reliance on the market to fix all ills was swinging the pendulum too far. The very notion that trickle down was going to work ignores the fact that not all people and businesses have equal opportunity. Continue reading

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