The dam can still be canned – Letter to Editor

The thing that surprises me most about Fenton Wilson’s letter (To late on dam objection 19/9/16) is that the Chairman of HBRC has little understanding of political risk.


A new council could well have a different view on HBRC investing in the RWSS. There is nothing to stop HBRC imposing new conditions on that investment. For example there has been sufficient new information come to light since the Board of Inquiry to make me ask the question: Is there enough rainfall in the Ruahine Ranges to fill the dam to capacity each year?

As an investor I would want to make damn sure we had enough water to sell before committing ourselves. I am sure ratepayers would want this assurance as well. HBRC would look foolish if they were to proceed if there wasn’t enough water. Not something anyone would want to see I’m sure.

Submitted 20/9/16

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