I have been to a few candidates meetings lately

A guest post from Gren Christie

I have been to a few candidates meetings lately

There are so many born-again environmental advocates standing who are advocating such environmental vandalism I feel they should offer airline paper bags as you walk through the door

First thing you hear is riparian plantings will stop pollution from intensive farms

Sorry – that only stops Phosphorous, not Nitrogen

Then, there’s not going to be intensive dairy, there’s only been one conversion.

Well, who in their right mind would convert to dairy until they know the Dam will be built and the prices come back?

HBRC is still saying that about 9000Ha will be intensive dairy and their wonderful Plan Change 6 will save the day

Sorry again

The Board of Inquiry set 0.8mg\L limit on the amount of nitrates that could be leached into our waterways in an attempt to stop the river becoming toxic.

The Board also pointed out most of that catchment already exceeded that limit

It is worth noting that the HBRC, ,dominated by 5 pro-intensive farming advocates, wanted virtually no controls on Nitrogen

For example, this would have meant 430% Nitrogen increase in the Waipawa River. The non-toxic level was set only because of environmental groups taking court action against our own Regional Council.

The Regional Council’s Dam frontman A Newman (in a Radio NZ program 5/6/15) acknowledged the Board’s ruling but said the Council would still push on with the Dam anyway as it did not have to comply with those limits until 2030

This is the current situation.

It is sadly clear that a vote for a pro-Dam candidate is a vote for pollution

Don’t do it.

Gren Christie

341 Racecourse Rd RD2 Waipukurau 06 858 6587 E:grenchristie@gmail.com

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