Forest & Bird decision a dam indictment – Letter to HB Today

It was very encouraging to see that the Forest and Bird appeal has been released. I would have to say that justice has been done. It begs the question though. Why did HBRIC spend about $20,000,000 of ratepayers money before getting access to all the land to be flooded?

If I was going to build a house I wouldn’t run around spending money on architects, advisers, builders, and materials until I was 100% sure the section was going to be mine. So why have 5 HBRC Councillors continued to allow good money to be thrown after bad?

Our Port is going to be $3,000,000 in debt by September because of expenses incurred by the dam. A what have we got out of it? A dam project that cannot proceed because HBRIC is incapable of getting even the basics right. Hawke’s Bay deserves much better.

Submitted 31/8/16 – Unpublished

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