Blame Andrew Newman for Damn Delays – Letter to Editor

It is interesting to note that HBRIC, Irrigation New Zealand, and Federated Farmers have all come out swinging and blaming Forest and Bird for delaying the dam. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Forest and Bird only exercising it’s legal rights? How is it that they are being blamed for delaying the dam?

If any one is to blame for any delays caused by the DOC land revocation deal it is Andrew Newman. He had ample opportunity to have this matter settled some years ago and yet here we are at the very last minute still trying to get control of all the land that is to be flooded.


There will be no dam if the deal is overturned so this could well turn out to be a $20 million (and counting) mistake made by Mr Newman becuase he must have assumed that the revocation deal would go through no worries. Why else leave things until the very last minute? Not clever planning by someone on a $380,000 salary.

Submitted 21/3/16

Published 29/3/16


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