Responce to Dam Puffery – Letter to editor

Chairman Wilson’s opinion piece of 7/3/16 (Real benefits from dam scheme) offered no defence of HBRC’s decision to commit a further $43 million of our money to the dam without consulation. HBRC afterall breached their own Significance and Engagement Policy in making this decsion. No amount of puffery from the Chairman or HBRIC will hide this fact.

HBRIC’s open letter of 8/3/16 was revealing for several reasons. By any reasonable definition HBRIC has admitted financial close is now set at 18 April 2016 given that this is the date at which updated Foundation Water User Agreements have to be returned. If there are not enough contracts returned by this date to meet one of the pre conditions for proceeding with the dam will HBRC finally confirm that the dam is a dead duck? One would hope so, but personally I doubt it. After all HBRC is no longer an organisation that can be trusted to make considered decisions.

Given that anything HBRIC announces is not quite what it seems one has to wonder what has changed in the agreements that means they have to be resigned. I’m guessing it can only be bad news for water users as I can’t see HBRIC being willing to offer more attractive terms which can only be at ratepayers expense. Or would they? Who knows. We wait with bated breath.

Submitted 8 March 2016

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