Water Testing – Letter to Editor

You have to wonder what is going on at NZ Miracle Water (Chinese send back water 21/1/16) when the solution to the problem of high nitrate levels in our Heretaunga Aquifer is ‘çorrect testing and analysis’. Either the nitrate levels are above 0.005mg/L, or they are not. No amount of retesting will change that. This is not an issue that can be solved retrospectively. ‘Correct testing and analysis’ suggests to me that NZ Miracle Water is going to attempt to fudge the numbers. One hopes that they are not, but given the $20million invested in the plant I wouldn’t bet on it.  It suggests to me poor planning on behalf of NZ Miracle Water that they did not ensure that their customers high standards were met when they exported our water for their profit.

Published 23/1/16

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