Let’s speculate on what HBRIC is up to

An open email to HBRC Councillors

One of the highlights of my month is reading HBRIC’s report to HBRC. It’s great to get an update on how much has been spent on RWSS in the last month. It’s also a great source of amusement to see how much water has been signed up. It’s also a great fun anticipating what methodology is going to be used to report water sales.

It is therefore disappointing to see that HBRIC is running for the hills with their tails between their legs this month. There is no report on HBRC’s October 2015 agenda. I, for one, would like to have seen one.

Is it because HBRIC is embarrassed by the volume of water signed up since the last report? Is it because expenditure continues to accrue at $248,000 pm as it has for the last quarter, with no end in sight? Is it because there is no legitimate excuse for not having sorted out the DOC land swap years ago? We are left to speculate.

HBRIC does themselves a disservice by not being transparent. As councillors representing the rate payers of Hawkes Bay I believe would irresponsible of you to allow the directors of HBRIC to continue treating reporting with disdain.

Sent 27/10/15 7:52am

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