Led by the nose – Letter to Editor

The HBRIC business case presented to the Regional Council on 26 March 2014 stated that “the RWSS is projected to generate $250 million per year of ongoing value-added (i.e. not gross) economic benefits in total” and that it was projected “to generate more than 2,500 full-time equivalent jobs”.

In Andrew Newman’s Talking Point (Andrew Newman: Dam forum sets positive tone 18/8/15) I note that these numbers have reduced to $200 million and 2,000 respectively. It begs the questions. What’s happened to $50 million promised in annual GDP and what’s happened to 500 of the promised jobs? Has HBRC been formally advised?To my mind it demonstrates how little reliance can be placed on any of these promises. It is typical of any big business case presented that these numbers are such a moving target. They are often overstated to justify a position – in this case the $80 million transfer of ratepayers money to 160 landowners.

It also clearly demonstrates how councillors Scott, Alan, Pipe, Wilson, and Hewitt have been lead by the nose in respect of any of the benefits of the RWSS to Hawkes Bay. It is time they reconsidered their positions. Food for thought.

Submitted 19/8/15. Published 29/8/15

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