Maori will Dominate – Letter to Napier Mail

In response to John Porter I took his advise and viewed the 1law4all website. Everyone should have a go, it’s a hoot.

I’m intrigued by policy number 6 which states “1Law4All will never agree to the subversion, or erosion of our laws, religions or cultures by any foreign immigrant culture or religion that may wish to raise theirs above our own.” Because pakeha are a foreign immigrant culture from a Maori perspective, I wonder what is meant by ‘our own’?

By my reading of this policy if legions of Maori went and joined 1law4all and therefore making up a majority of the membership, then they would be advocating not just for partnership with Maori, but a total take over by Maori.

I wonder about the irony of a political party a policy which states that everyone’s culture or religion is ok as long as theirs remains the only one that dominates. Doesn’t sound very inclusive to me. Perhaps John Porter could offer some explanation. I for one would welcome it.

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2 Responses to Maori will Dominate – Letter to Napier Mail

  1. i think you will find these people are associated with the NZ Centre for Political Research which is in turn associated with the ACT party

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