Destocking a good idea – Letter to Editor

One has to wonder what Will Foley was thinking when he pushed the send button on his latest column (Destocking idea stupid 6/8/15). To claim that Forest and Bird’s support of the Tukituki is somehow spurious because their lawyer is based in Nelson defies belief. This is especially so given that Federated Farmers own lawyer is based in Auckland.

Destocking Idea Stupid

Destocking Idea Stupid

I don’t know about you but I believe anyone based in Nelson would have a far better idea of issues that face our rural communities than someone from Auckland.

lawyers from nelsonTo then claim that current farming practices in the Tukituki catchment have ‘low environmental impact’ flies in the face of the facts. The catchment already exceeds the 0.8 DIN limit without the dam. Please explain that one Mr Foley.

Submitted 6/8/15

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