Hilarious HBRIC Ads – Letter to Editor

I so look forward to my Thursday Hawke’s Bay Today. Straight to the Land Section to see who HBRIC has as a spokesperson for the RWSS each week. The ads are hilarious . Clearly they have been written by an out of control spin doctor. They certainly don’t use every day language.

DSCN4216 (08)Lately we’ve had Huge Ritchie, the farmer getting a $650,000 ratepayer subsidy. Smedly Station, who have HBRC Chairman Fenton Wilson on their board and are tied up with the 22HA DOC land swap. Davidson Armstrong & Campbell, solicitors from Waipukurau who likely won’t be investing a cent in the scheme so have no financial skin in the game. And this week, an orchadist from Havelock North who acknowledged he’s not taking a lot of water.

DSCN4217 (49)It is revealing that HBRIC is having difficulty getting major waters users to publicly acknowledge support for RWSS. Fenton Wilson was keen to know which farmers opposed the scheme. It’s time he showed some leadership and disclosed who has signed up, and for how much water. That we we can calculate how much we ratepayers are subsiding them.

What I also find fascinating about the ads is that there are no contact details for HBRIC. Instead if you want to know more information contact HBRC. Who is the promoter of RWSS? Hawkes Bay Regional Council or HBRIC? Clearly neither organisation can be trusted to understand what a Chinese wall means in practice. What do you think?

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