Why James is a Shaw bet.

I was speaking to local retailer the other day about James Shaw being elected as Co-leader of the Green Party. I was asked what I thought. Yes I had endorsed James during his campaign, so was happy to see him elected. I would have been just as happy with Kevin Hague. However what has got me excited about James is that way that he has called out the way business is done in New Zealand. Government favouring the big guy over the little guy and deals being done in whispers behind closed doors.


The retailer then said funny you should say that. They had just left the co-operative buying group they were part of because they felt it had become more interested in doing the deal than in them. A big call for sure but they were very happy to go back to being an independent.

This speaks volumes to me. It tells me that James is on the right track in calling out corporate robber barons. It’s something no other party has the courage to do in New Zealand so yet again the Greens are leading the charge. I am very proud to be associated with this message and look forward to being involved in the debates around it  that are to come.

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