Nash v Ahuriri Airport – Letter to editor

For an MP that is a member of a party which shouted from the rooftops about it had regained the support of Maori at the last general election, Stuart Nash’s analogy of the debate around the renaming of Hawkes Bay Airport comes as some surprise (Airport branding defies logic 9/4/15). I would have thought that he would have had a far better understanding about what Treaty partnership means. To argue that the only reason to re-brand the airport is to make more money ignores the fact acknowledging the history of the area and the connection it has with the Ahuriri Hapu is of greater value to our Treaty partners than a fist full of dollars.

napier airportHonouring the Treaty is about more than just throwing dollars around by way of settlement. It is also (amongst other things) about acknowledging that we share this place, and if that means doing something a simple as changing a name of an airport then lets do it. Whilst Mr Nash may be running with the hares on this issue he does not acknowledge the pride shown by the Ahuriri Hapu in having their connection to the land upon which the airport is built being recognised.

Submitted 11/4/15

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