Right of Reply – Letter to HB Today

A guest blog from Grenville Chrisitie

Jonathan Krebs appears to believe the silent majority is pro Dam (Negative reaction blind to future 25/3/15) . How does he know what they think as they are silent? Hardly the thinking you would expect from a sharp legal mind .

Nor is this thing about negativity. Try that in court as a defence against rape and pillage and see where it gets you.

I am surprised the man thinks the pro environment viewpoint is a minority one when repeated Lincoln University surveys state the opposite .

The HBRC financial feasibility report on the RWSS states that a dairy payout of $6.50 { including dividend} is required for it to be viable for farmers. As the same report states that the larger percentage of the irrigated land was to be in dairy, it would have had the project financially in the hole right now .

The danger to the Port is if the RWSS needs to be baled out and that would lead to rate increases or a selldown of the Port to pay off debt.

By saying no to pollution, the Board of Inquiry Draft decision brought the hammer down on HBRC’s plans to support intensive farming by allowing pollution. HBRIC has since fought tooth and nail to reverse this decision, this itself a major cause of costs.

Mr Krebs mistakes ownership for conservation. The 145HA stewardship land is already in safe hands with Smedley Station. The22HA conservation land to be flooded has trees in it 300 to 400 hundred years old and all the biodiversity that depends on them.

If you don’t think that is worth defending, ask the people of Auckland or go up Te Mata Peak and try to spot a native forest anywhere.

Such an attack on forest and rivers for private profit is not only an attempt at theft but it is also a betrayal of the HBRC’s role

The fact that a criminal defence barrister has come to the defence of HBRIC only confirms my view. I rest my case.

Submitted 25/3/15

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