Extension of Time Needed – Letter to HB Today

It is unfortunate that HBRC has to go back to Kiwirail and ask for an extension of time to finalise a business plan for the Napier – Gisborne Railway. Kiwirail’s demand that a final proposal be put them by the end of the month speaks volumes about the willingness of the Minister of Transport to have the line reopened. Kiwirail’s may see things differently than HBRC but their inability to get the forestry owners onside says a lot about their competence, especially when one considers the ease at which NGR has been able to get sufficient interest from forestry owners to make the Napier-Wairoa section of the line turn a profit.


One hopes that Kiwirail sees sense and extends the time frame out to 30 June as requested by HBRC & NGR, however it is painfully obvious that pressure will need to be put on the Minister of Transport before this happens. So for all those National voters out there who support the reopening of the Napier-Wairoa section of the railway it’s time for you to exert your rights as a citizen and write to the Minister asking him to give a simple extension of time, something that is quite reasonable and makes a lot of common sense. I’m sure Simon Bridges would love to hear from you.

Submitted 29/2/15

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