Crying Foul – Letter to HB Today

I find the decision of HBRC not to take action against CHBDC for breaching their discharge consents somewhat bizarre. CHBDC had ten years to get their act together and they mucked around so much that the treatment plants were only completed at the very last-minute. That CHBDC now crys foul because the treatment plants are not operating as intended is not the Tukituki’s fault. Yet it is the Tukituki that has to pay the price. It is the HBRC’s statutory responsibility to act on behalf of the Tukituki. It’s about time they did.  What happens if the CHBDC proposed band-aid fix doesn’t work? CHBDC has had ten years to get this right, how much longer does the Tukituki have to be treated like a sewer?

Published 26/1/15

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