Cowardly way – Letter to HB Today

It’s not often I find myself agreeing with the Feds but Jamie Falloon from Wairarapa makes a valid point about people hiding behind anonymous internet user names (Cowards log on to spray abuse 22/1/15). However it should be kept in mind that the door swings both ways with defenders of fresh water also being sprayed with abuse by anonymous contributors. I believe that unless you have the intestinal fortitude to put your name to your comments then you don’t deserve an audience.  The most rewarding debates I have are with people who disagree with me, it’s surprising how often they help to form my views. But I think I deserve to know who they are, and that’s why I will never respond or even read anonymous comments on a website. There are a myriad of challenges confronting us all and unless we can discuss things in a rational and civil manner then we achieve nothing. Knowing who we are talking to is a great start.

Published 24/1/15

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One Response to Cowardly way – Letter to HB Today

  1. Paul Bailey says:

    An email I received from ex HBRC Councillor Ewan McGregor

    Morning Paul.

    ‘it is not often I find myself agreeing with”…Paul Bailey, but today I do with your letter calling for those opining publically to identify themselves. I objected 40 years ago to the editor of the HBHT on this with letter writers and soon after it was changed. I believe that any texts criticising by name any person should also carry identification.


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