$6.6 million dollar dam – Letter to HB Today

$6.6 million of dam water for CHB towns .Wow .

But hang on, the HBRC has said over and over that if the dam goes ahead we will have greater riverflows , so no shortage of water to the towns.

They have also repeatedly stated that water quality would improve.

So if they are to be believed and the dam goes ahead, we will not have to borrow $6.6 mil for dam water because our river supply will be bigger and better.

Obviously the CHBDC, despite endlessly repeating everything HBRC says, doesn’t believe this to be true.

To ask town ratepayers to find all that money is saying something is very wrong with what the HBRC has been saying and our current river supply won’t be up to scratch.

A cheaper option for good town water would be to look after our current supply by ensuring our rivers are protected and not polluted.

Maybe our council should get behind Fish& Game, Forest & Bird and others to enable that outcome and not drive our rates through the roof, as they seem so determined to do

Gren Christie

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