The Difference Between Social Responsibility and Social Justice

An essay on the differences between social justice and social responsibility. Getting to the heart of what it means to be Green

Vernon Tava

My recent post on why the Green Party is not truly a left-wing party  provoked a lot of debate and was timely given the popular speculation in the wake of the 2014 general election that the time has come for a blue-green party. I don’t agree that a blue-green party is the way forward. If the Blue Greens within the National Party are anything to go by, they would serve only to burnish the environmental credentials of a National government while being unable to exert the leverage that would be required to effect any genuine change in focus or decision-making by that government. But a red-green party is also problematic and alienates most New Zealand voters while facing the current challenge of its preferred coalition partner being very weak and also – although environmentally a bit better than National – not placing ecological concern at the centre of its thinking.

The Green Party…

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