Is the Green Party of the Left or is it a Party of Sustainability?

“It may be hard to imagine that any green party could work with a party such as National that are in favour of mining, deep sea oil drilling and extractive economy (although that doesn’t stop the Greens from expressing a preference for Labour who have said they’d do the same things) but who else will change their position unless they are holding the balance of power?”

Vernon Tava

GREEN-logo-icon-colThe Greens can be described as ‘left’, just as the colour of a puriri tree can be described as ‘dark’, but not adequately so. The Greens have an uncompromising commitment to fairness and equality. They also have a commitment to individual rights and to limitations on the power of the State, but I wouldn’t describe them as ‘right wing’ either. What I would say is that by rejecting the left/right dichotomy as inadequate to describe Green politics, the Greens become free to adopt what is valuable from either end of the spectrum and evolve it in accordance with their own philosophies. Some people on the left would say that there is nothing valuable to be found on the right, and vice versa. That kind of locked-in thinking is exactly the problem.

– Nandor Tanczos, 2011

I believe the Green Party is at a crossroads. After a lower-than-expected party vote in the…

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