Consensus Needed – Letter to HB Today

There have been a couple of announcements since the election which have surprised me. Firstly was the acknowledgement by the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association that we need to transit away from using fossil fuels. Secondly was the Prime Minister announcing that we need to take a serious look at coming up with solutions to Child Poverty. Both announcements are welcome but at the same time frustrating as they contradict the messages that have pushed in the past by both parties. No doubt I will disagree to some extent with the solutions eventually put up to both challenges, be that time frames or the extent of the changes which are finally recommended, but I am pleased that there is an acknowledgement that such issues even exist. However lets not reinvent the wheel, there have been plenty of studies completed which offer solutions, for example the Children’s Commissioner’s Expert Group on Child Poverty. It is time though that there was cross party consensus on these issues, which are frankly to important to be used as a political football. Lets just get on with working towards the common goals of dealing with child poverty and weaning ourselves off fossil fuels. DSCN4170 (20)Published 29/9/14

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