Congratulations & Commiserations – Letter to HB Today

Let me offer my congratulations to Stuart Nash. Proof that hard work deserves it’s own rewards. Unlike some commentators I believe you would have won Napier with or without the Conservative factor. I would also like to thank both Stuart Nash and Wayne Walford for running campaigns which were devoid of personal attacks. I think we demonstrated that we can have the genuine contest of ideas that the voters cry out for. To Mary O’Neill and Barry Pulford thank you for standing. It takes a lot of courage to stand up against the status-quo and you both demonstrated this in spades. To all those who voted Green this election thank you so much for sharing our vision for the future. Your continued support always humbles me. You can hold your heads high knowing that irrespective of the overall result, when all is said and done you can’t eat money so our time will come.

Published 24/9/14

Bailey 1081
McVicar 7135
Nash 14041
O’Neill 53
Pulford 47
Walford 10308

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