Sam the Butcher & The Bacon Man

I’ve blogged about Sam the Butcher a couple of times because I really like what he’s trying to achieve – quality food sourced locally. (Where’s the hand out for SMEs & An insprirational story about good Green change)

Sam’s gaining a bit of a reputation in town for being young and innovative and having fine meat. He still has a genuine smile on his face as well which doesn’t hurt.

Talking about hurt, a month or so ago he had a bit of an accident and ended up in hospital for a couple of days (Boiling water and gumboots don’t mix). At the same time his two staff were also away sick. So there was no butcher and no front of house. But not quite. Community to the rescue! Sam’s sister filled in front of house which was hilarious. She was great fun. And Greg, a hairdresser two doors down who was a butcher in a previous life made up some trays each morning for him.

Sam's Sick Note

Sam’s Sick Note

But you don’t get this sort of assistance unless you’ve given in the first place.

Today when I went down to pick up the kids off the bus, there was seller of small goods with his bar-b-que in front of Sam the Butcher’s frying up some bacon. Um mm bacon. But hang on a minute, Sam sells his own bacon so why give the opposition an opening like that?

The Bacon Man

The Bacon Man

Well it seems the Bacon Man is one of Sam’s supplier and has looked after him real well, so Sam was naturally returning the favour. And man it is nice bacon, honey cured and all. In fact as I write this blog I have fond memories of tonight’s bacon, eggs and hash browns dinner.

So this blog is about communities and small business helping each other out. To my mind it’s the way it should be. Thank you Sam and the Bacon Man, you made my day.

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