Coppermine Creek, Ruahine Forest Park

Ahh the Coppermine Creek walk. So many memories…

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By Nina Mercer, Partnerships Ranger, Palmerston North

Coppermine Creek Track. Coppermine Creek Track

When exploring New Zealand’s conservation areas it is often easy to be absorbed by the beauty of the forest and (hopefully) the tunes of native birds. We often forget that even the most remote pieces of bush often have a component of human history.

Coppermine Creek is one of these areas. Located in the south eastern reaches of the Ruahine Forest Park, the Coppermine Creek roadend is only 20 minutes drive from Dannevirke or 45 minutes drive from Palmerston North.

Early European settlement in the area was based around farming. Copper was first found in the creek in 1887 when settlers found traces in the creek bed while searching the bush for lost cattle.

Attempts were made to prospect copper on and off for the next 100 years, however extraction was never enough to make it commercially viable.

Magazine shaft used for storing explosives and other mining equipment. Magazine shaft…

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