My thoughts on the Green Party list

The Green Party has released their list for the 2014 election. I am really excited about the top 20. These are the people who are likely to be our parliamentarians come September 20th. Given that all sitting MPs are well placed to return to parliment we have many experienced hands on deck ready to get going on day one in a new Government after the election

The fresh blood on the list are James Shaw, Marama Davidson, Barry Coates, John Hart, Dave Kennedy, and Jeanette Elley. I must have been around the party too long because I know all these people personally and could vouch for them all.

I am especially pleased to see John Hart at number 18. I personally advocated for an increase in rural representation in caucus at the Campaign Conference, and I would like to think that this played some part in his ranking. John is a dry stock farmer from the Wairarapa and represents a recognition that the Greens need to work in partnership with the farming community to protect our clean green image.

I’ll even forgive the fact that John comes from the Wairarapa as no doubt he will end up being the buddy MP for Hawkes Bay.

The list is voted on by party members. Some adjustments can be made but only to satisfy requirements such as gender, age, cultural, and geographic equity. Our MPs earn a lot of money and it is only fair that members expect a lot of them. They are there to represent and promote our policies, not for their own self gratification (not that I have noticed any of this sort of behaviour demonstrated). The list ranking process is also a very real check on the balance of power within the party.

For more details on candidates see the candidates profiles on the website.

1 TUREI, Metiria
2 NORMAN, Russel
3 HAGUE, Kevin
4 SAGE, Eugenie
5 HUGHES, Gareth
6 DELAHUNTY, Catherine
7 GRAHAM, Kennedy
8 GENTER, Julie Anne
10 LOGIE, Jan
11 CLENDON, Dave
12 WALKER, Holly
13 SHAW, James
14 ROCHE, Denise
15 BROWNING, Steffan
16 DAVIDSON, Marama
17 COATES, Barry
18 HART, John
19 KENNEDY, Dave
20 ELLEY, Jeanette

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