The shambolic RWSS – Letter to Editor

It would seem that the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme is in it’s final death knell. Andrew Newman’s admission that the 0.8 DIN limit makes the proposition uneconomic should see an end to the issue. If the scheme’s main proponent acknowledges that it would be a poor investment then there is no way the HBRC should be proceeding with the proposed $80m investment of ratepayers money.

Is this the death knell for the dam?

Is this the death knell for the dam?

The elephant in the room is of course HBRC’s ‘appeal’ to the Board of Inquiry claiming that they have misread the situation and that the proposition was so complicated that they got it wrong. Well here’s where the chickens have come home to roost. It was HBRIC & HBRC that wanted the EPA to call in the consents for RWSS and Plan Change 6, and the 0.8 DIN limit not a point of law so is not open to debate.

There were an number of calls made to HBRC to delay proceedings so that amongst other things the one nutrient theory could be further investigated and debated yet these calls were ignored because of ‘time constraints’. Well the boot is on the other foot now and for Fenton Wilson to describe elected councillors as a joke because they question the request for a time extension to the BOI’s final decision is a bit rich. As my grandmother used to say – you’ve made your bed now lie in it.

The whole process around the RWSS has been shambolic to say the least. It’s time that HBRC got over themselves and started offering us real solutions as to how our farmers can operate within the guidelines set down by the BOI without polluting the Tukituki. Something we have all agreed should be the end result. If they can do it for the Manawatu, then we can do it for the Tukituki.

Submitted 20/5/14

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