Much wailing and gnashing of teeth – Letter to HB Today

Submitted by guest blog editor Grenville Christie

If the Ruataniwha dam scheme doesn’t happen there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth, particularly within HBRIC and the HBRC.

They are still attempting to blame this on the fact that they are not allowed to pollute waterways and that makes things uneconomical.

What they won’t say is that even with a massive ratepayers subsidy, the interest on the $ 500 million plus needed to make it all happen makes the price of water too high to farm without polluting.

The architects of this plan must have thought Hawkes Bay was in a 3rd world country because this was definitely a 3rd world plan.

What else could it be called when it protected the profits of the corporate money lenders at the expense the ratepayers and their waterways?

This has all been dressed up by the promoters as the best thing ever and if we don’t go for it we are all doomed.

Well here’s the reality check. The ship has not yet sunk, we are not stuck in a sinking lifeboat and we don’t have to start drinking our own urine just yet.

Their Amway- like promotion has lead many to have a rush of blood to the head and has made the CHB Council quite dizzy in that department

All the talk of protecting the environment is nothing more than ” We Come In Peace, Shoot To Kill”

People who promote plans like this are a dangerous liability and should be replaced with people who can deliver 1st world solutions.

Grenville Christie

Submitted to HB Today 17/5/14

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