DIN Limits Damn the Dam – Letter to HB Today

Regretfully your article Changes ‘could cost $50m a year’ (HB Today 10/5/14) omits to discuss one very important paragraph from HBRC’s staff report on the Board of Inquiry findings. Paragraph 13 reads “It grants consent for the RWSS tied to the 0.8 mg/l DIN limit, which if taken literally effectively removes the ability of the RWSS to be a viable commercial mode.”

WpukOne wonders how councillors will feel about spending $80,000 of rate payers money on consultation for a project that is highly unlikely to proceed. It’s not as if the Board of Inquiry is going to amend the DIN limits at this stage.

Dam ImageI recall discussing Board of Inquiry processes with staff from MBIE some time ago and they explained that decisions are final. There are very limited rights of appeal, so this meant that applicants had best make sure they win their case. In this instance HBRC has not, so they need to live with the decision and move on. If I was sitting around the council table I would expect staff to tell me how we are going meet the 0.8 mg/l DIN limit, not waste my time and rate payer resource on berating a decision that went against them.

Sumbitted 13/5/14

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