150 words on jobs – HB Today

The three local Green Party candidates had a opportunity to have their say on jobs in Hawke’s Bay in 150 words! It was interesting that the Green Party got as much publicity as the other party’s for the second week in a row. Chris Perley constrained really really well..

Paul Bailey's Piece

Paul Bailey’s Piece

“The Green Party will encourage job numbers in Hawkes Bay by being friends with SMEs. We will place more emphasis on local procurement, increase research and development funding to add further value to our commodities and take better control of the value chain, and increase support for SMEs. The Green Party would also make direct investments in green industries by extending the Heat Smart home insulation scheme and implementing the Solar Homes initiative. We have announced a $1m prize for the first 10 story wooden building to be constructed in NZ. We need business that mitigate the effects of climate change and peak oil. Without a healthy environment and community we don’t have a healthy economy. This Green Party is the friend of SMEs, because we both think and act locally. All SMEs need is the confidence to take on one more young person so that they stay local to.”

Chris Perley’s Piece

John Hart’s Piece

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