Spitting the Dummy – Letter to Editor

Submitted by guest blog editor Grenville Christie

Fenton Wilson is spitting the dummy and Andrew Newman is still getting the big bucks for flogging what looks like a very dead horse.

Why? well the EPA has delivered a ruling which effectively stops pollution for profit and that was the only way the Dam project was ever going to work.

Millions of our dollars have been spent to find out what everybody from the Parliamentary Commissioner ForThe Environment downwards knew and has being telling them from the very beginning.

While professing to be doing this on all our behalf’s it is more than clear that the real winners of their scheme would be the banks .

This has never been about CHB’s economy, that has only been cynically used to rally support .

HB Todays Heartland (6/3/14) reports that sheep and beef, which CHB has plenty of, contributes more economically than cropping and even more so than dairy into a wider community

We would all like to see economic growth but profit through pollution gives none of us a future worth having

Grenville Christie

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