Waste Free Week & Worm Farms

The biggest challenge for me around Waste Free Week is that we already process all our green waste in the worm farm.

Ours was an old bath I picked up for 20c from the second-hand shop down the road and is tucked away behind the garage. I cover it with some old coreflute which always seems to be lying around. Like every other worm farm I know of we end up getting some great garden food and vermicast out of it.  Luckily baths have a plug hole which made the vermicast easy to collect after I put the bath up on blocks.

Our Wormfarm

Our Worm Farm

What we do inside is have an empty ice cream container on the kitchen bench for food scraps. I suppose it seems odd to have a scraps bucket in plain view but because it is so small we are encouraged to empty it frequently which means it doesn’t smell. As you can tell we’re not fanatical about leaving out onions and citrus. It all seems to be processed somehow.

The Scraps Bin

The Scraps Bin

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