Local Green Party Candidates joining Waste Free Week – Press Release HB Today

Local Green Party Candidates Chris Perley and Paul Bailey have joined the Waste Free Week Challenge.

The challenge is to minimise household rubbish by recycling, reusing or composting everything for just one week to ensure nothing goes to landfill. “It will highlight just how much packaging and promotion materials was used to make us consume more, and what ends up as a future waste problem,” said Chris.

Chris and Paul both recycle and reuse as much as possible, including using composting systems that are also great for the garden. Paul has a household of four, not including the chickens. “So the challenge to reduce even more waste will be, well, challenging,” said Paul.


A weeks worth of rubbish from the Bailey household

The challenge is also about empowering individuals. The choice of what they purchase does have an impact. Examining what goes into the shopping cart and then into the rubbish bag and into our environment makes you think about all the resources and energy used in production, promotion and distribution. Much of it is unnecessary, as well as environmentally and socially damaging.

Paul and Chris will be interviewed by Sarah Cates on Radio Kidnappers on Tuesday 25th March.

Submitted 22 Mar 2014

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