An inspirational story about good Green change

As a Green Party candidate I had to give a two-minute speech at our Candidates Conference, which is one of the steps in the list ranking process. We were given a variety of topics and I chose an inspirational story about good Green change. As first speaker I was conscious of the need to set the bar high. I think I achieved that….

Today I would like to tell you an inspirational story about good green change.

Recently our local butchery changed hands. The new owner’s a young fella called Sam. This is the first time Sam has run a business.

Like every good butcher he likes to have a yarn or two and we often have conversations about how business is going. Sam’s ambitious, a virtue very few of us could argue with and he’s always looking to improve turnover.

The other day I asked him what breed of cattle his steaks came from. I have to admit I was surprised when Sam said he didn’t know.

You see, in days gone by community butchers had their meat processed at a local abbotair. Sams’ meat now comes from Wanganui because the local abbotair’s only process meat for export. So if Sam wants to source local meat it has to be shipped to Wanganui then back to Napier! So much for bigger business being more efficient.

Sam told me he can get a special licence to retail home killed meat but the costs are extensive. But he is going to try and jump through all the hoops so he can sell the meat grown on his in-laws farm which is about 10km from his shop.

And this is what I find so inspirational about Sam’s story. He recognises that there is a premium to be gained for sourcing quality local meat for which he knows the provenance, he knows the cattle have been given all the care and attention in the world, and he knows his in-laws farm sustainably. You also have the additional benefit of butchers wisdom thrown in every time you step through the door.

To my mind, when it comes to doing business this is what good Green change is all about. It’s about placing value over volume, and making sure that the value chain is as environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable as possible. The Green Party is the friend of small business and I look forward to promoting this message.

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5 Responses to An inspirational story about good Green change

  1. Ian Bailey says:

    You might have to resend because I am unable to read past “I think I achieved that..Today dad

  2. Jenny Horne says:

    Morning Paul – it won’t connect, it says…………… …….. Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help. JennyH

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