We all want to swim in our rivers – Letter to HB Today

Can someone from Federated Farmers please have a quiet word with Willy Leferink (Tale of two spills dickens of a yarn 12/2/14) and explain the facts of life to him. Frankly he is becoming a liability to your organisation. Some of us sat through a fair bit of the recent Board of Inquiry hearings on Plan change 6 and the big issue is not what urban areas are doing to our waterways, but intensive farming. This is because point source discharges can be easily managed where as the leaching of nitrogen cannot.

I recognise that we all have to work on the solutions together and have also been frustrated by the length of time it has taken CHB District to get their poo ponds sorted out. After all we all have shared values such as ability to swim in a river without getting sick. However throwing mud at townies because courts are unwilling to substantially fine polluters is a little rich when I have yet to hear of Fonterra refusing to pick up milk from any rogue farmer who is breach of thier clean streams accord.

Submitted 12/2/14, Published 22/2/14

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