Dairyings right to pollute – Letter to editor HB Today

One has to wonder which planet Willy Lererink resides on, and who he actually represents. His talking point of 2/1/14 (Not so quiet on the water front) spends half it’s column inches making personal attacks on those who disagree with him, berates himself for not “talking about sustainability and getting what we do well reported in the media”, and then talks up a couple of friendly politicians. The challenge for Mr Lererink is that on the same day his article was published Federated Farmer president Bruce Wills was reported on National Radio saying that water is the number one issue for farmers and that a lot more work needs to be done. Instead of attacking the messengers perhaps Mr Lererink could have put dairying in a more positive light by educating us all on how and when dairying is going to take on board all it’s costs, including the cost of our degraded waterways, instead of expecting us tax payers to continue subsidising the industry he represents by granting it a right to pollute?

Submitted 3/1/14

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