EPA Board of Inquiry Update

With the limited resources at our disposal it has been very difficult to keep up to date with the proceedings of the board.

After the first 4 weeks or so of hearings it is obvious that the key question for the board answer is one nutrient theory: is it going to work or not?

The one nutrient theory has come under attack from several avenues. It is no wonder the board is seeking further clarification on the issue. Questions raised have been;

  1. Can the amount of phosphorus entering the catchment be reduced to very low levels?
  2. Does limiting phosphorus reduce periphyton growth?
  3. Can we produce a workable model of the effects of the one nutrient theory on the TukiTuki catchment?

If any of the above questions are answered NO, then plan change 6 is unworkable meaning the dam will be untenable economically. Great forces are at play here and it has been interesting sitting on the sideline (for most part) watching the arguments unfold.

I made my submission (Submission to BOE – Paul Bailey) on Friday and I thought I did OK.

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