The David Hay affair

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts about Brendon Horran and Aaron Gilmore the Green Party candidate selection process is very robust. Long may this continue.

This is why it is unfortunate that the media have tied David’s leadership bid in with his application to be a candidate. They are, after all, separate issues and should be considered thus. I am really comfortable with decision we have made.

This press release explains the situation far better than what I can, and quoting Georgina Morrison “Every political party has the right to determine the best candidates to put forward to voters. Today’s decision is really as simple as ensuring the Green Party is putting forward great candidates”

The issue of the leadership bid will be decided upon at the AGM.

Personally I’ve been selected into the candidate pool and am now looking forward to the Candidate Conference in February where the ranking process really kicks off. I’ve also put myself forward for Napier again, with approval being decided upon by members of the electorate later this month. Bring on 2014, and a change in government!

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