The Tukituki and the Green Taliban – Letter to HB Today

I agree with Andrew Watt that the Tukituki is a highly modified waterway (Forest & Bird respond to claims 29/10/13), but whilst it would be nice I haven’t heard anyone advocating that it be returned to its natural state. I’ve only heard calls for protecting the little of value which is left – water quality. What Mr Watt seems to forget is that the Tukituki is highly modified because of the ‘progress’ that he seems quite fond of. He wants to see it modified some more but the only thing left to modify is water quality. At some point the ecology of the Tukituki will collapse meaning it will no longer be a waterway of national significance, nor be of any use to the general public as a recreational playground. If he seriously believes that is ‘progress’ then he has values which are so short sighted he deserves the consequences that they bring.

Submitted 29/10/13

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