Tukituki Catchment BOI – Pre-Hearing

The Tukituki Catchment Board of Inquiry Hearings are going to be the show not to be missed. Already at the pre-hearing (where the lawyers battle out the rules) HBRC is on the back foot.

Ms Simons – lawyer for Fish & Game made the following observation:

“And yesterday afternoon the witnesses for Fish and Game lodged supplementary evidence subsequent to having an opportunity to have limited opportunities to look at the TRIM modelling. Now it transpires that evidence has confirmed that there are as far as the experts are concerned significant issues with regard to the TRIM modelling. This is fundamental to whether or not the issues in relation to phosphorous, nitrogen and indeed any of the nutrients and other issues that arise are actually going to be addressed properly.”

Mr Robinson – lawyer for HBRC & HBRIC later responded by saying:

“Can I put to you the applicants’ position is that the TRIM model is being presented as a straw man. It’s not fundamental to plan change 6. It certainly provides support to plan change 6.”

Not fundamental my arse. TRIM is the model which justifies increasing nitrogen levels in the Tukituki by 500%.  Here’s a excerpt from evidence provided by one of the experts:

“I remain unconvinced that the conclusions from any of the TRIM model variants can be used to make management decisions about nutrient effects on periphyton. I also remain of the opinion that periphyton biomass can only be managed by control of both nitrogen and phosphorus.”

Round 1 Fish & Game….

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