Breech of protocol – Letter to HB Today

Irrespective of the spin put on the situation by Liz Lambert (In defence of the Tukituki plan 9/10/13) NIWA was ordered to “demonstrate/explain the operation of the model to the three experts for F&G (Dr Death, Dr Abell and Dr Zemansky), the expert for HB Environmental Water Group (Dr Joy), and any other relevant experts to be called by submitters”. The board of inquiry also ordered that “Ms Jordan of F&G and Mr Maxwell of HBRC will meet in Napier next Tuesday (8 October 2013) to discuss which of the items (excluding (a)) that are listed in paragraph 2.7 of Ms Jordan’s affidavit are still to be provided”. I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure how she reads into this that F&G were told to meet that council, rather than the other way around.

The Dam and Plan Change 6 is very much an election issue with candidates being asked if they are for or against the dam with the results published in HB Today and other media. HBRC Staff Protocols around the election state “it is important that employees distinguish when comments on election matters are their own personal opinions and to avoid attributing these opinions as representative of Hawke’s Bay Regional Council”.The way I read it her opinion piece is flying very close to the wind and is potentially in breach of this protocol.

Submitted 9/10/13

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