Why I have not voted for any sitting DHB members

Following on from my post last week Another Hawkes Bay CEO Behaving Badly I wrote to the chair of the DHB:

I am writing to express my disappointment in the actions of your Chief Executive, Dr Kevin Snee.

What ever the merits of the case around fluoridation to perpetrate a very public act of vandalism brings the Hawkes Bay District Health Board into disrepute (Health Board Boss Stomps on Signs, HB Today 13/9/13).

The values of the Hawkes Bay District Health Board include Rangatiratanga (respect and shared decision making). Dr Snee’s actions are hardly demonstrative of this value.

I believe that it is necessary for Dr Snee to make a genuine apology for his behaviour, which can only be described as unbecoming to that of a Chief Executive. Given that he has been unwilling to date to do so, I believe it is necessary for the board to censure Dr Snee before matters are made to look any worse than they are at present.

I today received this response from the DHB (Letter from DHB) which includes this most remarkable statement:

“It is fair and reasonable to expect signs from other organisations to be removed from a district health board meeting when asked, and as that didn’t happen there was justification for removing them”

You tell me, what is fair and reasonable about destruction of private property in a public space?

Given that the letter states that Dr Snee continues to have the unanimous support of the board I am pleased that I did not vote to return one single member of this board.

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