Are you sure dogs aren’t dying Connor?

In a The Nation interview on TV3 this morning (Dam or be damned) Federated farmers representative Connor English claimed that it was rubbish that dogs were poisoned in the Tukituki. Perhaps he wasn’t up to the play. In an article in the HB Today (Toxins likely dog death cause) HBRC themselves advised dog owners “to be vigilant with their pets and not allow them to eat unknown material around the river to avoid poisoning”.

Connor’s solution was for people to take their yachts and pets up to the lake, which is about an hours drive away. Yep that’s what we’ll do.  Every time we want to take our dogs for a walk down by the river lets take a 2 hour return car trip. Does this idiot even think before he opens his mouth?

Connor also claimed that we need the dam to reduce the crime rate. WTF?

I’m sorry for sounding so pissed off but proponents of subsidising intensive corporate agriculture are getting desperate if they have to resort to these sorts of benefits.


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One Response to Are you sure dogs aren’t dying Connor?

  1. Jo says:

    Our neighbours dogs got poisoned twice and nearly died from swimming in the Poukawa stream. Don’t think that was due to the kid of rubbish he’s talking (about).

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