Will the real Will Foley stand up!

I recently had a letter published in HB Today in which I asked a number of questions of Will Foley, the president of Fed Farmers HB. Today a text to the editor was published as follows:

Re “Dam the dam”: well, writer Paul Bailey, everything you said was a follow-on from what I was asking about in this paper 3 months back. We await your response, Will Foley

I was confused as I don’t recall Will Foley ever asking me anything so I thought why not ring him direct. So I did. He said he didn’t send the text. So I phoned HB Today and they suggested there could be two Will Foleys’ and agreed to investigate.

I have no reason to disbelieve the Fed Farmers Will Foley so will the real Will Foley stand up? What are these questions you asked? I really want to answer them.

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