How the EPA wins friends

Last night I attended a presentation by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) on managing the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and continental shelf (CS). Given the oil & gas rush this government is so busily promoting you would think this would have been a topic of great interest to the general public of the Hawkes Bay.

However it was a very small crowd. We knew each other intimately. Well we did because I was the only one who attended.

Now why is that? It all boils down to promotion. I heard about the presentation because a friend of a friend saw it on the what’s on in the bay web site. I also saw it in the Napier Mail stuck between the pyshic and a songwriting contest. Venue – War Memorial Centre in Napier.

EPA Roadshow Ad- Between a Pyshic and Songwriting

EPA Roadshow Ad – Between a Pyshic and Songwriting

But in attempting to cut and past the information on the meeting from the EPA website to my facebook page, to help the EPA promote the presentation, I discovered the meeting was to actually be held at the Opera House in Hastings.

After a couple of calls to the EPA the meeting was confirmed to be in Hastings. Now I’m saying that this was done deliberately by the EPA but this unfortunate incident does not engender much confidence in a organaisation which has been tasked with managing an already fraught process – consenting Newman’s folly.

In the end however the EPA has agreed to reschedule a new presentation so long as I can get 10 people together to do so. Good on them. This offer went a long way to appeasing me and I look forward to getting the numbers together after the election.

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One Response to How the EPA wins friends

  1. Pauline Elliott says:

    Good sleuthing Paul! I only found out about it by accident too! You can count me in after the elections….. It’s not clear that “marine consents” means consent for offshore drilling! Hope next roadshow gets a bit more publicity…..

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