GCSB Bill – Email to Chris Tremain MP

I have just sent the following email to Chris Tremain.
Dear Chris
One of the comments made at the rally against the GCSB Bill on Saturday was that you had claimed only one constituent had told you they weren’t in favour of the bill.
Claiming you have only heard from one constituent on an issue for which their is substantial opposition appears to becoming a habit with you, which is disappointing as it can only mean that you are only talking to your friends rather than all those whom you represent.
As you are no doubt aware I have regularly attended rallies over the last couple of years and Saturday’s appeared to be the second largest after the Rally of Hope in early 2012. An observation I would make about Saturday’s rally which may interest you is that I didn’t recognise about 2/3rds of the people attending so it could not be construed (as your supporters seem fond of saying) as being a rent a crowd.
Chris, I implore you to think carefully about the implications that the GCSB will have on your constituents. There is a ground swell of public opinion  which I haven’t felt before against the Bill in it’s current form. You should bear in mind that you are only in government by the slimmest of margins and that 2014 is fast approaching.
Paul Bailey
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