History and Amalgamation – Letter to Editor HB Today

I find it ironic on the same day that Malcom Eves has an opinion piece (Unite or it means more failure) your 100 year old extract from the Hawkes Bay Tribune states “It really would seem that factional strife which has precented advancement for so many years can never be stamped out”. If factional strife was holding back Hawkes Bay 100 years ago how did we become the province we are now? This is where the arguments put forward by Malcom Eves and the likes of A Better Hawkes Bay come off the rails. There has always been factional strife, and always will be. I submit that it not factional strife that is holding back sustainable development in Hawkes Bay but the thinking of the business community itself. Perhaps they should put their own houses in order before laying the blame elsewhere.

Submitted 11/6/13

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