Conflicts of Interest HBRC v HBRIC

One of the more interesting outcomes from my presentation to HBRC’s annual plan was that a number of HBRC councillors spoke to me afterwards and agreed with my concerns regarding the make up of the HBRIC board of directors.

It is becoming more obvious that having 3 sitting HBRC councillors and the HBRC CEO sitting on the board of HBRIC is making HBRC look like a bunch of country bumpkins. Apparently thier excuse for having councillors/directors (which is which?) is when HBRIC was set up the ‘public’ were concerned that HBRC was going to lose control over their assets.

Now I’ve got nothing against Murray Douglas. He’s a great guy whom I can sit down and have a really constructive discussion with, but he has come out in public in favour of the dam – as CEO of HB Chamber of Commerce and in one of his personal opinion piece in HB Today. How can he have an open mind over the Dam when clearly he has come in favour of construction of the same? No doubt he will have to stand down, along with the 3 director/councillors when it comes to decisions around the dam. Does this leave HBRC quorate?

Eugeine Sage continues to raise questions about the Dam in parliament, putting the heat on the Nats over this scheme.

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