The HBRC Webcast Debacle

In my last post The 600% forgery  I stated I was looking forward to the webcast of this HBRC meeting. Surprise surprise there have been ‘technical issues’. Bay Buzz has already blogged on this issue (Open appeal to Hawke’s Bay media) and we already have this correspondence from another concerned rate payer.

Hi HBRC Comms team, it appears the webcast from Wednesday’s council meeting has been linked incorrectly to film of a completely different organisation. When do you expect to have the right clip up? Have you considered making it available on this facebook page? That would be handy.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council:  Hi Megan. Staff became aware 10 minutes into the meeting on Wednesday that the meeting was not transmitting to our provider and this is being addressed. We plan to ensure all systems are good to go before we advise the public that our meetings are available on line.

Megan Rose: Oh. I was at that meeting at the time. Why was it not announced at the meeting? And why has it not been made public since?

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council: Hi Megan, Wednesday was due to be a soft launch of the webcasting service, as such we didn’t make any public announcement prior. We will be happy to do so once we’re happy with it.
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Megan Rose: Hi. Interesting. There was an extremely public announcement made by the Chair, Fenton Wilson and GM Liz Lambert, who also informed the councillors, media, public and presenters including Transparent Hawke’s Bay and HBRIC Chair Andy Pearce, that the video would be edited in ChCh before being uploaded on to the HBRC website on Friday, due to Anzac Day, but that we could look forward to 24hr turnaround in future. I’m wondering what time was someone at the council table notified the webcast was not transmitting? And what time will your provider have on record of being notified that what turned out to be the webcast of the century was not transmitting?

Sunlight is the best form of democracy. It seems the Hawkes Bay Regional Council only wants to keep us in the dark. Is this going to turn out to be another Novapay debacle where not enough testing was done, or are the council trying to sweep Andy Pearce’s criminal behaviour under the carpet?

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